Erik Hjertholm


Erik is a graduate engineer from NTNU in 2016 and is now in the 5th year at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. He has a wide work experience that includes several forms of project management. His multidisciplinary background enables him to communicate effectively with everything from automators and developers to manufacturers. He has strong technical insight and extensive work capacity, which has enabled him to develop a concept and prototype in a few months while at the same time build a network of potential customers and partners.

Petter Aasen Tomren

Lead Web Developer

Petter has a bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and is a full-stack developer. He wrote his bachelors thesis for Easy Intervals and based on the quality he delivered through that project and his personal interest for the concept, he is now Lead Web Developer. Petter has long been passionate towards software development and seize every opportunity to expand his knowledge and experience. He has an impressive work ethic and works until a problem is solved, which suits the nature of a startup very well.  Petters main responsibilities is to develop and maintain the company website and the plattform our customers use to administrate their patients, workouts etc. This includes design, frontend, backend, database and content creation.

Vilde Kvarberg


Vilde has a Bachelors degree in Business Management from Trondheim Business School at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and is now pursuing her Masters degree in Entrepreneurship. Vilde has previously worked as a project coordinator at Boostcom where her responsibilities also included design. Additionally she has been in charge for communication and logistics during ceremonies at the worlds largest student festival -ISFiT. Vilde has an impressive work capacity and thrives with a filled up schedule, filling much of her available time with workouts – a great combination for Easy Intervals. Vildes main responsibilities are to plan and organise operations making sure all prerequisites for execution are taken care of.

Frode Van Der Meeren

Embedded developer

Frode is a computer engineer with a broad experience in multiple programming languages such as c/c++, java, php and mySQL. In his spare time he likes to develop highly specialised systems like a music player made from floppy discs and bringing very old computers back to life. Frode has an extensive knowledge of micro-controllers and can cater to a system from individual bits and bytes all the way to hardware components and further on to database systems in the cloud. Frodes main responsibilities includes maintaining the thousands of lines of code that goes into the system, design and development of the electronical architecture and communication with the database.

Monika Heggem


Monika is studying a bachelor degree in Media Science at NTNU and is responsible for marketing/PR. She also has a bachelor degree in European Studies and in Teacher Training. Monika has a great interest in Social Media and she during the last years she has worked with digital marketing in festivals, such as Molde International Jazz Festival and as Head of Social Media in International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT) 2017 and Assistant Head of Marketing in ISFiT 2015.